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    Apparently I can't put less than one star. So I was just here with my two year old in her stroller sleeping, holding groceries and pullups. I asked for cigar prices, which is totally ripping people off. He was rude and said next. So I'm wondering about the electronic ones because I can't stand cigarettes, but he was rude and wouldn't even answer how much they are. While with someone else, I was behind the counter looking over to spot a price for e cigarettes and all that, then he said I was standing too close to the counter and he's sure I'm gonna rob him because I'm close enough to put stuff in my pocket, although hands were full and why would I ask the price. I'm also mixed, so that should hopefully give people reading this a big heads up. You should move on to another corner store nearby.
    By T.T HalfDark, 30-03-2018
  • The lawyer Stephen Francispillai was referred to me by my tax accountant for my two real estate deals, sale and purchase. I am very impressed with his knowledge, competence and how seamlessly the whole process was accomplished. His legal assistants are remarkably qualified, friendly and very helpful. I highly recommend this law office, and will definitely contact them for my next real estate transaction. Suzanne, Ottawa
    By Suzanne Theoret, 29-03-2018
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    I got a 100$ stop sign ticket! Went to X-Copper to get the points waived, at the end ended up paying 643$ total with 3 demerit points! I leave it to you to judge the quality of the service I received!
    By hamid poursepanj, 29-03-2018
  • Sean is one of the most honest and well meaning person I've had the pleasure of working with. I purchased my first home through him and he went above and beyond to make sure the entire process went smoothly. He worked with my busy schedule and set aside plenty of time so we could go see homes throughout Ottawa. Never once did he rush a viewing or made me feel like I was wasting his time. In fact, he took the time to voice his opinion on properties we visited taking into account what my family and I were looking for. As it was my first home purchase, Sean made sure I was comfortable throughout the way including after I took possession. Looking back now, I realize how silly I must have sounded asking about the most mundane things, but Sean never made it seem awkward. When the time comes to eventually purchase a new property, I've no doubt in my mind that I'll be giving Sean a call.
    By Ashar K, 28-03-2018

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